Filip Stankovič of Isadore: My life is linked to the mountains

The short photo article about how Filip thinks about the design of the Isadore jersey, what the mountains mean to him and how he combines the outdoors with cycling. We're glad to see that Filip's Repete Reason R2 fits right in with his philosophy of "A product that stands up to the tought moments while making the ordinary ones more enjoyable". With its unique features, we think the steel bike is the best partner for adventures anywhere. Thanks to Filip and Isadore Apparel for the great content!

“I have found myself in many moments. Where I have been dependent on my partner and the gear and clothing I had with me and on me.”

“Product that will hold up in the tought moments and make the ordinary ones more enjoyable at the same time.”

REPETE: R2 Reason

R2: Reason | Frameset 4800 EUR
R2: Reason | Road Bike starts at 8200 EUR

The R2 Reason is our uncompromising modern road bike. It is a powerful and fast machine that effectively translates monotonous muscle play into motion. The frame itself is made from high strength Columbus Spirit HSS steel, which gives the bike the essential characteristics – perfect rigidity, long life, and unique comfort. It also presents the possibility to use tires up to 700x28c. Technical details determine the nature of our products, their design is based on function. The tapered head tube and T47 bottom bracket ensure ideal energy transfer. To facilitate the use of disc brakes and thru axles, we have developed our own stainless steel flat-mount dropouts. Our internal cable routing is compatible with both mechanical and electronic shifting. Read more about Reason model. 

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