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24. 09. 2023 | text: Robin Fišer, Tatiana Vomáčková

Repete, jazdím čiarnu stredu, bicycle, ride

They call themselves "baby," read in Czech, or rather in Slovak, no "bejby." There are three of them, and together they lead a women's amateur cycling club in...


29. 05. 2023 | text: Robin Fišer

Repete, bicycle, foundry, casting

Take a closer look at how one of the most characteristic segments of Repete frames - stainless steel dropouts - is made. In the world of framebuilding, individual...



Video: Factory Tour

30. 11. 2022 | video: Charles Pacque

Video: Repete x SBCR

Video: Inside the Foundry: Casting Repete Dropouts